What Is the Unit of Production Method & Formula for Depreciation?

units of production depreciation formula

This is because the process of allocating the cost of the fixed asset under the units of production depreciation should result in the fluctuation of depreciation expense from one period to another. This is so that the company can comply with the matching principle of accounting when charging the depreciation expense into units of production depreciation formula the income statement. Time is usually a key component of how to calculate depreciation of an asset (as seen in the straight line or the accelerated methods). The name of the method is a pretty good giveaway, this method of depreciation depends on the number of units produced by an asset during a financial period.

The journal entry is a debit to Depreciation Expense and a credit to the contra asset Accumulated Depreciation. That means our Net Book Value should never be lower than that amount. In this example, our Net Book Value is $860 if we continued with our factor. In the last year of depreciation, we throw out the formula and simply plug in the number that gets us to our salvage value. For this asset we determined the appropriate unit of measure is miles.

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For financial accounting purposes, businesses need to maintain records of each asset. They also require to prepare a journal entry and prepare a depreciation schedule to closely look at the tax expenses. Not calculating depreciation will keep you away from realizing the actual value of the asset at that time. An over-recorded value will show higher profits and hide the incurred losses. Moreover, the profit uncertainty could mislead the prospective investors and will eventually impede the overall business performance. A miscalculated profit and hidden loss will affect the health of the business.

units of production depreciation formula

Aside from unit of production method, there are other methods of measuring the depreciation of assets. Another method commonly used for depreciation is the modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS). This depreciation method is commonly used for tax purposes, it is a standard way to depreciate assets using a declining balance for a period of time.

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Here, the Asset Cost, Salvage Value, and estimated Useful Units in miles are provided. The example is for a truck and the units produced are considered as Miles Driven. I will use this dataset to show you the step-by-step https://www.bookstime.com/ procedures to calculate the Units of Production Depreciation method with formula in Excel. We discuss the three steps for recording the depreciation expenses calculated through the unit of production method.

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