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Add company LOGO in email page to maintain unity with enterprise image. Transfer the email to the on-the-job employee when the mailbox of the resigned employee is deleted. The mail system has become a knowledge management and sharing system by sharing files with colleagues at any time. Provide file backup, synchronization, and sharing services including personal network disk and shared network disk. Check idle status of participants and meeting rooms, book meeting rooms, invite and notify participants.

The original account must have the same email address as the target account. The target account may be different from the source email account. Set a proper mapping relationship to prevent an incorrect migration. In the domain management page, click Tools–Email Migration. When sending mass mail, each recipient can receive one-on-one, which reflects care and protects the recipient’s email address information.

  1. This service offers enterprise users a brand-new collaboration software solution.
  2. In the domain management page, click Tools–Email Migration.
  3. Click Settings– Email Migration, and fill the email account and password of original email service.

This service offers enterprise users a brand new collaboration software solution. If the mailbox is not purchased by the same account with domain name or the domain name is registered in a different service provider, pls check following values and add records manually. Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services to online businesses and Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem. After the employees login to the Webmail, enter the original mailbox account and password in the Email Migration page to start the migration. 5) After the email migration is completed, the third-party client needs to add a new Alimail account.

Set up the AliMail Enterprise Mailbox Client

If the postmaster can obtain the email account and password in the original email system, upload the csv file and start the unified migration of the employee mailbox, and the progress of the migration can be controlled. After logging on, you can enter the Management Console, select Enterprise Email, click Management of the purchased mailbox after Resolution not Effective, and click Resolution Result or Refresh. The system will check whether the domain name resolution takes effect automatically. If the resolution takes effect, the status is changed to Resolution Effective automatically. If the resolution does not take effect, you can wait a while. The email service setup refers to the resolution of email domain name and the reset of the postmaster account password.

The abnormal logon of the mailbox is immediately reminded to protect mailbox security. 20 years of professional enterprise email operation experience to serve more than 2,000,000 enterprise users. To take advantage of the enormous opportunity represents, you first need to go through a seller registration process. You can either register as a free member, or contact a sales consultant to activate paid Gold Supplier Membership and enjoy premium features and benefits that come along. Enter the independent or dynamic password of the client if the original email system has either of the two passwords. The password of the account to be migrated in the original email system.

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The mail virus detection and killing rate is greater than 99.9%, and the user perception degree is less than 0.1%. Live-chat with our sales team or get in touch with a business development professional in your region.

Email group members are dynamically updated with changes in department to improve enterprise management efficiency. There are several ways to set up your AliMail email account on your mobile phone. You can use the AliMail Mobile App, AliMail webmail, or the mobile phone’s native email app and calendar app. The server address and port used by the accounts that need to be migrated in the future are different.

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Alibaba Mail is the only email service provider (ESP) in the industry that supports public cloud services. It provides smart and efficient email management services based on the same security architecture as Tmall and Alipay. This service offers enterprise users a brand-new collaboration software solution.

The resolution does not take effect and the system will regularly refresh. The resolution status is changed automatically after the resolution is enabled. Domain alias and account alias make email management more convenient.

Support for newly opened migration account modification. You need to ensure that the encrypted ports 465, 995, and 993 are allowed on your network. The local files on the computer can be uploaded directly by dragging them to the attachment add area. Drag frequently used folders, tags, and applications to the quick follow bar to improve the efficiency of email filtering. The spam filtering rate is greater than 99.9% and the misjudgment rate is less than 0.1%.

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The calendar reminder function can regularly synchronize reminders with the computer through the mobile phone according to users’ needs. Dedicated mobile client which can fully support for IOS and ANDROID phones. Alibaba Cloud independently develops an email system based on the Apsara distributed system computing platform. Alibaba Mail connects multiple terminals to synchronize calendars and schedules, and offers useful email management features.

The postmaster can view the migration status of all accounts, filter the accounts based on different progress, search for accounts, and export the migration status of all accounts. Click “Forgot Password” on the login page to reset the password through the bound secure mobile phone or secure questions. Set administrators with different levels and permissions to improve enterprise management efficiency.

If you want to configure the AliMail email account settings in Microsoft Outlook 2010, please refer to this link. If you’ve already logged into your account, you can change your password from your settings. It is a good idea to update your password regularly for improved security and to make sure it is unique and hard to guess. After the migration is enabled, the postmaster can modify the server address and port if the configuration needs to be changed.

Please do not modify it in the account configuration of the original service provider. Employees use the initial email account and password set by the postmaster to login Alibaba Mail webpage. Click Settings– Email Migration, and fill the email account and password of original email service. Employees login to the Alibaba email accounts, then fill in the original email account and password to enable the migration. If the postmaster cannot obtain the original email account passwords of employees, you can import these accounts to Alibaba Mail by the csv file. Then the employees can use their original email accounts and passwords to logon to Alibaba Mail and enable email migration directly.

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Users can set monitoring accounts and monitored accounts to improve enterprise management efficiency. If users have an abnormal login in the mailbox, they will be reminded by SMS. If users forget their password, users can use SMS message verification to retrieve password (Users need to purchase Alibaba Cloud Message Service). Make sure to keep your email address up-to-date to secure your account and receive important information about your privacy and account.

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