Recovery Reading List: 16 Best-Selling and or Award-Winning Books on Addiction and Recovery

It exposes the ruinous way drug prohibition policies have led to epidemics of addiction in western countries—and is a clarion call for a new approach that treats addiction not as a crime but as a medical problem. But the real beauty of the book is in Hari’s irresistible storytelling, in which he relates the personal stories of the people he encounters during his research with novelistic verve. Authored by addiction professionals, Beyond Addiction illustrates how people can use positive reinforcement, behavior strategies, and kindness to help their loved ones achieve sobriety. Pairing insights on treatment options and how to navigate the rehab system, content is designed to not only help someone change but also prompt them to want to change. I first read this book in high school, and revisited it after I quit drinking. I found that the addition of life experience, especially my struggle with booze, imbued this book with renewed significance.

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Tim, in his 60s, described his relationship with porn as pretty average until his wife came to him and said his porn use was destroying her self-esteem. Scholars who study the nofap world note that it emerged alongside what’s called the manosphere, a collection of online spaces devoted to the idea that men are under threat from feminism and modern life. NPR has reached out to Rhodes and his company multiple times, but they never accepted an interview or responded to specific requests for comment. “And there is no medical evidence that it does any of those things,” she says, adding that in many male adults, abstaining from ejaculation will merely result in “nocturnal emissions,” or wet dreams.

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He said the idea of quitting masturbation seemed insane to him at first, but it worked. While some consumers of nofap content believe they are waging an existential battle against porn, plenty of others experiment with abstinence as a form of self-improvement. Advice on the forums often includes commonplace suggestions such as better diet, exercise and sleep.

The acclaimed author of Prozac Nation goes from depression to addiction with this equally devastating personal account. Wurtzel reveals how drugs fueled her post-breakout period, describing with unbearable specificity how her doctor’s prescription of Ritalin, intended to help her function, only brought her down. In his follow-up to his first memoir, Tweak, which dealt with his journey into best alcoholic memoirs meth addiction, Sheff details his struggle to stay clean. In and out of rehab, he falls into relapse, engaging in toxic relationships and other self-destructive behaviors that threaten to undo the hard-won progress he’s made. At the age of 15, Cat Marnell began to unknowingly “murder her life” when she became hooked on the ADHD medication prescribed to her by her psychiatrist father.

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Napoleon Hill spent two decades studying the great industrialists, learning firsthand from the likes of Andrew Carnegie, and compiling information about the mental habits that lead to success in any arena. With intensity and repetition, I’ve also turned certain yoga poses into automatic initiators of a rush of feel-good chemicals. For a long time I felt tortured by the mystery of why some people are alcoholics and others aren’t. At best, going to bed with a bottle of wine will make you wake up feeling dry-mouthed and stupid.

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